Sharon Harris was born in Park Rapids MN and still lives on land that is part of the dairy farm she grew up on. The oldest of two girls, Sharon relishes the childhood memories of going to country school, bringing the cows home from pasture, sleeping on a screened-in porch in the summer, listening to loon calls and the chorus of frogs in the spring.

Sharon has always loved the arts, the finer things of life. She started out drawing, mainly horses and deer. Then she got a good camera and put the drawing pencils away. Taking photos of flowers, especially with macro lenses and soft focus filters became her idea of art for many years. She has sold photographs to local businesses.

From the age of 15, Sharon has also been writing poetry. After graduating from Park Rapids High School, Sharon began working at a local bank. Presently, she is working at the Community First Bank where she has been Operations Officer/Ass’t Cashier since 1989.

Sharon has had over 170 poems published in various magazines and anthologies including The Talking Stick, a local publication of the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc, Inc., The Lake Country Journal and Lakes Alive. She has published three books of her poetry. Timeless Tracks was published in 1984. Life Savors was published in 2000. Unspoken was published in 2011. All three are available here on the website and/or through Amazon. A fourth poetry book is in the works.

A wonderful event in Sharon’s life was to have her poetry displayed along with the photographs of Tarah Wolff, her niece. This was called Lines and Light. These works of art were displayed in many libraries in central Minnesota for several years.

Since 2002, Sharon has worked with Tarah as co-editors of The Talking Stick Volumes 12 until present. Tarah does the design and layout and Sharon does the proofing and editing and organizing. Other members of the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc contribute by serving on the Editorial Board or by assisting with the proofing.

Sharon also loves music. Though not musical herself, she loves a good concert. And though not an actor, she enjoys the plays at Long Lake Theater. Sharon feels that poetry and music and artwork are all the finer things in life. We all need to support the arts.

As the earth turns, as we all learn and grow and age, those of us who are writers take what is in our hearts and record it, so we can share our life’s passions and our yearnings with others, so that what we have felt and what we love will be remembered.