Minnesota Poet: Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris has written poetry since she was 15. Like most budding poets, she started out with the
cumbersome, clumsy rhyming ones, not surprisingly rhyming love with dove and god above for lack of any other words. Some people have the smooth and easy knack for it; Sharon does not. When she tried to rhyme, she ended up changing the whole meaning of the poem.

When she was 16, she was sitting in her upstairs bedroom with loud rock music filling her whole
consciousness. A long, non-rhyming poem called Enchanted World spilled from her pen to the page.
That was the breakthrough. Since then, she rarely tries to rhyme, feeling that meaning is more important than rhyme.

Due to all the work with the Talking Stick books and the stresses of everyday life, Sharon rarely has
time to write. She is always getting fragments of ideas, however. She has a pad of paper and pen in
every room in her house and in her car. Whenever a promising line of poetry or a kernel of an idea flits through her mind, she jots it down. All these scraps of ideas go in a folder. Then, when she finds a span of several free hours, Sharon sits down at her computer, has a Bacardi and Coke (or two), and lets loose all her creative ideas. It is hard to let go of the pressure of the job and just basic life, but once in the proper mood, Sharon can sit down and use her notes and start to create. Then we see a fresh batch of poems emerging.