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Twice Broken – 2019 (click here to purchase)
Sharon Harris was born in Park Rapids, Minnesota, and still lives near there. This is her fourth book of poetry. She has had over 200 poems published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Talking Stick, Dust & Fire, Lake Country Journal, etc. She is a long-time member of the Jackpine Writer’s Bloc in north central Minnesota. This book is a collection of many of her love poems, whether previously unpublished or published elsewhere. Sharon has worked over fifty years in banking. She still enjoys music, concerts, plays, artwork, and reading. She enjoys writing poetry or short creative nonfiction. Her very favorite thing to do is to take an online poetry class from the Loft. That is when she is happiest and it seems to be the only time that she can find moments to write. She hopes to do a fifth poetry book which will be all of her most favorite poems, mostly the ones she wrote in poetry classes from prompts.

Unspoken (click here to purchase)
Unspoken published in 2011. Sharon has always loved the arts, the finer things of life. She started out drawing, then began taking photographs. She enjoys music, concerts, plays, artwork, reading. Writing poetry or short creative nonfiction is now her favorite pastime. Unspoken is her third book of poetry–basically raw feelings, living through two broken hearts, loss of a parent, etc. Previous books are: Timeless Tracks published in 1984, followed by Life Savors in 2000. As we all learn and grow and age, Sharon feels it is very important to find a way to leave your fingerprints on the world. Find a way to record your life’s passions and your yearnings so they will be remembered. Don’t let them disappear unwritten or unspoken.

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Life Savors
This book, published in 2000, contains similar chapter headings as Timeless Tracks, but all different poems. Some of these poems have been published previously in various anthologies and magazines. Again, the book cover is plain and simple but the words express deep and sometimes desperate feelings. Sharon writes because she needs to know that she matters, that what she did in this lifetime will be remembered. The various chapters, such as Searching Through the Shadows and Lifetimes outline her interests and beliefs, her questions and answers about life and existence. You will see a chapter called Nature’s Magic on nature and a chapter called Love Songs on general love poems. As years and relationships passed, her poetry turned more to therapy for broken hearts. One chapter called Stolen Heart describes the love of her life and the eventual loss of him. Recovery from that was slow. What saved her was her writing and her wish to touch others who have felt the same pain.

Timeless Tracks
This book, published in 1984, contains Sharon’s earlier poetry. She began writing at the age of 15. Some of these poems have been published previously in various anthologies and magazines. The book cover is plain and simple but the words come straight from the soul. In one chapter called Nature’s Magic, you see her earliest poems that are about nature, particularly the love of spring and the dislike of winter. And then there is a chapter of general love poems called Love Songs, searching for that someone. Then one chapter details a wild love affair, disguised under the title of Fantasy. Other chapters, such as Searching Through the Shadows and Lifetimes, detail her questions about life and existence and show her spiritual discoveries. She questions everything and then seeks and finds her own answers. Always, always, she seeks to write down her feelings and yearns to know if other poets or readers have felt the same things as she has.

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  1. Pagyn Harding

    Your website and the stories about your books of poetry are very inspiring. Thank you for supporting the arts and living the life that so many of us only dream about.

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